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What We Do

We bridge the gap between real estate agent and technology allowing you to focus on what matters - providing top notch service to your clients. We accomplish this by doing two things: providing you with quality supplemental and comprehensive marketing support bundled under a single monthly or annual cost; and by educating you about current marketing methods and the tools available.

We offer a variety of marketing media from direct mail campaigns (postcards) to social media support and pay per click ads in custom bundles for a low monthly price. Unlike other online services, we do not simply exhaust your monthly funds because a schedule dictates. We create targeted campaigns to take advantage of local trends, market shifts, and the unique characteristics of your social media network and sphere of influence. Every aspect of your plan is tailored to your marketing needs and designed to create, enhance, end protect your brand. Every cent can be easily tracked, allowing you to see the impact of your marketing dollars and measure your return on investment (ROI).

How We Do It

We start by building upon the resources already available to you through your own efforts and your brokerage - taking advantage of the principles of Economies of Scale. For example, we print graphic media using your organization's printers, on paper purchased wholesale by us. This keeps each cost factor low which translates to savings for you. Next, we build upon Google's Apps for Work suite by networking a number of free extensions, apps and add-ons to create a comprehensive and flexible CRM that is reliable and easy to use. We bring to your fingertips the full power of Google!

Who We Do It For

We offer our services to all agents, but agents gain the greatest benefit when their brokerage is involved.

How We Got Started

Your KickStart, LLC started as part of a veteran support program in Macon, Georgia. Originally known as 'KickStart' (sometimes called Operation KickStart or Project KickStart), it was created as an alternative to helping transitioning veterans find employment by focusing less on job skills and more on entrepreneurial skills. KickStart would help servicemen and women develop their own companies by translating their military experience into civilian service skills, connecting them with local, federal, and veteran specific small business support, and showing them how to create a business with low startup. Unfortunately, KickStart was back burnered in favor of programs that had a more immediate and wider reaching impact on local homeless veterans.


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